Columbus, Ohio Towing

Columbus Collision Center offers vehicle towing services to our customers in Columbus, Ohio.

Towing Within I-270

In the event that your vehicle is in an accident within the I-270 loop, time is of the essence. We understand your frustration and you want to get your car to a trusted auto mechanic and collission center ASAP. This is exactly what we will do, we will get your car to our collision center and we help you get your car fixed and back on the road. When you call us for help in the Columbus, Ohio area, you know that your car will be in good hands. Call now, for towing within I-270 and Columbus, Ohio: (614) 350-8251

Towing Outside of I-270

At Columbus Collision Center, we are committed to providing professional towing services throughout the Columbus, Ohio area. As a leading auto body repair company Columbus, OH, we can efficiently get your car towed from anywhere within in area, even if your vehicle was in an accident outside of the I-270 loop. We optimize our towing routes and we will get your car back to our bodyshop. Rest assured that your vehicle will be in good hands. When you need your car towed, you can give us a call at (614) 350-8251 and we will come to the rescue. We will get your vehicle safely to our shop! As a local, female owned, family-owned business, we promise to get your car repair done right!

Impound Lot Recovery

Do you suspect that your vehicle was recently impounded by the City of Columbus? (Vehicles that were impounded by Police to our impound lot, repo’s and private lots.) If so, you now have the ability to locate your vehicle on the City of Columbus' website. Search Impounded Cars.